LATEST TV NEWS: WTF…..Star Wars joins up with an unlikely show…..YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!

I have not got a clue how this is going to work, I really can not believe I am writing this news report.  But remember that awful Star Wars Holiday Special from the 70’s that is so bad that Mr Lucas himself has tried for years to bury.

Well thanks to the Internet (most notably Youtube) the show has become a massive cult over the years and now we are going to get a reminder of this show on a another popular America show but not a one you were expecting!

Glee-the all dancing and singing popular hit is going to do a special on this cult Star Wars programme, how? no idea!  Why? Feck knows, but it has been confirmed that Chewbacca will make an apperance?????????????

Need the proof?  Look here! 


Harry Shum Jr who plays Mike on the musical series, revealed that Chewbacca would make his “Glee” debut in an unordinary way. “He makes an appearance into Artie’s dream in a way, “I can’t really delve into the details, but it’s something to do with Artie.”

I really do not have the words to explain this……

Ross Hughes

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