LATEST TV NEWS: Bad news show fans, HUNG, BORED TO DEATH , axed by HBO!

Once again the dreaded axe has been swung in the ruthless word of American TV and this time there are two which my cause pain to fans because they are quite popular over here.

Thomas Jane’s Hung, a sitcom which is critically acclaimed and is about a a high-school teacher moonlighting as a male prostitute, was the first announcement even though is managed to obtain a not too bad 4 million viewers.

Even the huge success of Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover films has not stopped his comedy Bored to Death, also starring Jason Schwartzman, and  Ted Danson has also been decommissioned after three seasons.

How to Make It in America, a show centring around two Manhattan 20-something’s in the fashion business, has been scrapped after two years.

But in a bizarre twist a show which failed to gain many viewers has been spared for another season.  Laura Dern‘s Enlightened, which was lower rated than all three axed comedies, will be back for a second season.

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