LATEST TV NEWS: BBC win Christmas Ratings war for another year over ITV

The ratings are in and once again the BBC has trounced ITV over the Christmas Day battle for ratings.  The studio had seven out of the top 10 programmes which of course delighted the those high above.

Controller Danny Cohen said in a statement: “BBC One had the most popular show and the most viewers overall on Christmas Day. From Doctor Who to Gruffalo’s Child, EastEnders to Strictly, Michael McIntyre and Ab Fab, we wanted to provide something for everyone.”

Despite the loss, ITV did celebrate the fact that this was their best performace since 2004 with Corrie and Downtown Abbey showing great figures. An ITV spokesperson commented: “We’re delighted that so many viewers enjoyed ITV1’s Christmas Day schedule, including events from Downton Abbey, Coronation Street and Emmerdale. It’s a terrific achievement for ITV1 to have recorded its best peaktime Christmas performance since 2004.”

The top ten most-watched programmes on Christmas Day were as follows:

1. EastEnders: 9.92m (33.4%) – BBC One
2. Coronation Street: 9.03m (32.8%) – ITV1
3. Doctor Who: 8.92m (34.2%) – BBC One
4. Downton Abbey: 8.13m (29.4%) – ITV1
5. Strictly Come Dancing: 7.52m (27.3%) – BBC One
6. Absolutely Fabulous: 7.43m (27.5%) – BBC One
7. The Gruffalo’s Child – 6.47m (27.7%) – BBC One
8. Michael McIntyre’s Christmas Roadshow: 6.45m (29.2%) – BBC One
9. The Queen – 6.29m (37.3%) – BBC One
10. Emmerdale – 6.24m (27.2%) – ITV1

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