LATEST TV NEWS: Long lost episodes of WHO discovered!……..

 Its a cause of pain for all Doctor Who fans that the BBC in their stupidity wiped over 100 episodes from the 1960s of the longest running Sci Fi show Doctor Who!

Its an action that the BBC has never been forgiven for but rejoice fans because some long lost episodes have been unearthed!  A film collector called Terry Burnett purchased the much cherished episodes in a village fete near Southampton in the early 80’s and now fans can get really excited for the dvd release that is due to come some time next year!

The episodes that have been confirmed are of the third episode of 1965 tale ‘Galaxy 4’ – starring William Hartnell– which fans will know no episodes from this story were previously thought to exist.

In addition, the second instalment of 1967’s ‘The Underwater Menace’ has also been found, serving as the earliest complete episode to feature the Second Doctor Patrick Troughton.

This is probably the best Christmas present for all Who fans everywhere!

Ross Hughes

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