Mirror, Mirror on the wall, where is the trailer for ‘Snow White: A Deadly Summer’? Ah, here it is

After bringing you the details on this next years horror version of Snow White last week, today we have found a trailer for the low budget offering, and I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. Fair enough the ilm is low budget, but for a film about mainly girls stuck in the woods at a discipline camp, I was hoping for a little more, you know, nudity, violence, anything really. The trailer isn’t awful, I guess the rather seductive poster got me in the mood for something a little better.

Anyway, the film stars the gorgeous Shanley Caswell along with Eric Roberts and Maureen McCormick.


Snow White: A Deadly Summer tells the tale of “Snow who becomes abducted at the order of her wicked stepmother and taken to an isolated wooded discipline camp which is run by a ruthless hunter. When each of her fellow seven campers begin dying off one by one, Snow must uncover the dark and twisted secret of the forest before she becomes the next victim.”

I have included the poster again, to cheer me up.

By Matt Wavish


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