‘Piranha 3DD’ to go straight to DVD here in the UK? Madness I tell ya!!

I really really hope the news I have been reading is false, because if this turns out to be true then God help us all. Alexandre Aja’s Piranha remake, shot in 3D, was terrific and was very popular here in the UK. The sequel, directed by Feast creator John Gulager, features an amazing cast which includes Gary Busey, David Hesselhoff, Danielle Panabaker, Katrina Bowden, Christopher Lloyd and Ving Rhames. It has been talked about for months, and could well be one of the biggest horror sequels of 2012.

Not only that, the darned thing has been made in 3D, and should it go straight to DVD, then who the Hell is gonna enjoy the film as it was intended? Not everyone has a 3D TV you know! This is ludicrous, and with any luck turns out to be complete tosh. The rumour is that the film will skip past the cinema and arrive on DVD 9th March 2012. While I am very pleased to finally have a release date (if indeed this turns out to be true), I am not happy at the fact I not only do not get to see those hungry prehistoric bastards chomp up a load of swimmers on the big screen in 3D, but I don’t get to see the lovely Katrina Bowden in eye pleasing 3D either! Come on, is that really fair???


Horror sequel in which a species of violent prehistoric piranha continue to terrify a small town. The chaos unleashed in ‘Piranha’ (2010) by a group of the omnivorous fish, set free by an earthquake that split the floor of a lake, may only have been the beginning. The tests of marine biologist Carl Goodman (Christopher Lloyd) indicate that these fish were only adolescents, suggesting their parents would be even fiercer adversaries. When the piranha make their way into the town’s plumbing system, the terror spreads. Soon swimming pools and even the town’s brand new waterpark are infested by the bloodthirsty critters. Can the town’s residents, marshalled by survivor of the first movie Deputy Fallon (Ving Rhames), find a way to combat their sharp-teethed tormentors?

By Matt Wavish

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