Shocking, savage and truly disturbing first trailer arrives for Italian horror ‘Il Marito Perfetto (The Perfect Husband)’

Italian director Lucas Pavetto’s upcoming, brutal horror Il Marito Perfetto (The Perfect Husband) has just released its first trailer, be prepared to be shocked and upset by some truly horrific scenes.

The film stars Crisula Stafida, Damiano Verrocchi and Melania Astolfi. The short, 50 minute horror looks very good indeed, but is most certainly not a date movie! You can find out more info on the film the official Facebook page and website


After a serious trauma, husband and wife decide to spend a few days in a country house, in order to forget and start to live a peaceful life, but what apparently seems to be a weekend of love, suddenly turns into a bloody weekend. Get ready to see the darkest side of your sweetheart. Starring Crisul Stafida and Damiano Verrochi, “Il Marito Perfetto” is a low budget independent horror film, made in Italy with few means available. Written and directed by Lucas’s Pavetto, special effects Thomas Luzi. This is a very violent film, inspired by French cinema.

By Matt Wavish


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