My Number One TV show at the moment has given me huge joy after it was announced that we be having two full more seasons of watching the quite wonderful DEXTER in murderous mode. 

Despite Season 5 being very hit and miss and Season 6 even yet to air in Great Britain, the fact us fans now know that we have yet a few more years with this guy means that fans everywhere will no longer have to worry about it being cancelled, but this news does have like the character a very dark side to it!

With the extended contract behind it, there are suggestions that DEXTER could end after Season 8.

Coming back for two more years gives us clarity about how and when it will go out,” Showtime Entertainment President David Nevins Nevins said at Showtime’s annual holiday party in Los Angeles on Thursday night. “There are things that are going to happen this season that will set up a very clear endgame that will take two seasons to tell. You have got to be there for the last two season Six]episodes.

While this suggests the end of one of Televisions greatest ever shows, there was a tease of maybe the end is not in sight.  “I’m never going to say ‘never,’ but everybody is operating under that assumption. Things could take a turn creatively where they come to us and say they need more time.

You can catch my views on Dexter Season 6 when it airs next year!

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