American Horror Story Episode 9: “Spooky Little Girl” (Contains plot spoilers)

(Contains plot spoilers)

Episode 9 “Spooky Little Girl” takes place in 1947 with an aspiring actress, played by Mena Suvari, paying a visit to a dentist that resides in the murder house!! As she can’t pay, she offers herself and while under the anaesthesia, the dentist has his way with her, but afterwards she doesn’t wake up. He drags her down to the basement where Dr Montgomery appears out of nowhere who offers his services, but the dentist then finds that he’s totally dismembered her, and fittingly decides to give her a permanent smile, very similar to the Joker from the Batman’s the Dark Knight. A mother and a child then stumble over the girls remains in a field, and it is revealed that the girl was none other than Elizabeth Short, the famous Black Dahlia!!!!

Back to the present day, and Ben gets an unexpected call from Haydens’ sister and a detective, investigating Hayden’s disappearance!!! As they accuse Ben of all sorts, Hayden just walks in, putting a halt to the conversation and assures her sister and detective that she is fine, and she and Ben will be living together from now on. Ben still unaware that Hayden is a ghost, is quite taken aback as Hayden tells him that she decided to have the abortion.

Elizabeth Short then appears in the house, asking for Ben’s services as a psychiatrist, claiming that whenever she goes for an acting role, she can’t help but fall in love. Ben comes over all dopey, and agrees to treat her, but then receives a call from Vivien’s doctor, telling him that he is only a father to one of the twins, and that Vivien must have had sex in the same ovulation cycle, which was obviously Tate in the rubber suit, but Vivien thought it was Ben!!! Quite the conundrum!!Constancealso later finds out from Moira that Tate is the father to the other child, and goes mad at Tate, telling him that he doesn’t understand what he has done!!!!!

Horrified at the news of the different fathers to the twins, Ben pays a visit to Vivien in the hospital and believing that she is too drugged to communicate, tells her that he is disgusted with her and after everything she put him through, he will not help her get out of the hospital. As he leaves, Vivien looks petrified.

Ben seems to have had a change of attitude to women this episode as he brushes off Hayden’s persistent affections and tells her that he never loved her, Hayden seems to accept this but then decides to stir things up again and tells Ben that she once saw the security office, Luke, leaving the house early one morning. He also stumbles in on Moira and Elizabeth Short getting it on in Ben’s office, with Moira trying to lure him in!! Ben proceeds to fire Moira and tells Elizabeth that he will not treat her!! Elizabeth, believing that she will never become famous, and obviously doesn’t realise who she is, is comforted by Hayden who proceeds to tell her, her awful fate but that her dreams came true in death.

Constance pays Vivien a visit in the hospital and tells her that she will always be there for her, and that she was a single mother! Vivien tells Constance that she was raped but for her to not tell the doctors as she was trying to convince them she was better so she could get out of there!

Constance has a difficult episode this week after finding out that Tate is the father of one of Vivien’s babies, falling out with the boyfriend, Travis, Travis getting it on with Hayden (Hayden just wanting to know if she could still do it with someone alive!!!!!), and then Constance making up with Travis, proposing to him, and then telling them they will raise a baby together (thinking that she will be able to look after Tate’s baby)!!! Heck!!!! Travis freaks out and refuses to take on a fatherly role, so Constance makes the situation worse and takes the piss out of him, saying that if she never got her break in the acting world, he certainly wouldn’t!!! Nice one!!!!Constanceclearly needs some anger management!! Travis, distraught, pays another visit to Hayden and they have sex in the basement who then murders him after he says he’ll go back to Constance (Hayden not wanting Constance to bring up Tate’s baby!!). Good ole Dr Montgomery appears again and proceeds to dismember Travis’ body, and is then dumped in the same fashion as Elizabeth Short by none other than Larry, not far from a basketball court!! Travis’ ghost appears, upset that he will now not be famous but Elizabeth assures him that he may find fame still!!!!

After Hayden’s hint that Luke could be the other father, Ben sets all the alarms off in the house and waits for Luke’s arrival. It turns out Luke is infertile and had been “shooting blanks” for years!!! Ben later stumbles across the rubber suit again, and quizzes Moira about the truth, thinking that Vivien may have been telling the truth!!! This was my favourite part of the episode (maybe a little predictable….. ok very predictable, but I loved it anyway!!!!) As Ben is finally starting to see the truth, Moira congratulated him for starting to see the world as it is, and changed into her true older form!!!! Ben is obviously left astonished!!!! I was thinking afterwards as well, just think of all the times he was looking at her, getting aroused by her and it turns out she was not only old, but dead!!! I think a cold shower and a metal scourer would definitely be on the cards!!!!!

Finally, Constance has a conversation with Billie, the Medium, and asks what would happen if a baby was conceived from a human and a ghost!!! Billie recounted a Catholic papal secret that if this was to ever take place, the Antichrist would be born and would bring about the end of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great episode as it moves closer and closer to the finale. I loved the Black Dahlia element and thought it fitted in so perfectly with the whole show, and added some real finesse to the episode with a great performance from Mena Suvari!!! And I’m sure many welcomed the scene between Elizabeth and Moira, although I am still shocked that Ben managed to resist!!!! Kate Mara, who plays Hayden, really was on form this week, switching from the more vulnerable, affectionate Hayden when she’s around Ben, to the sex mad Hayden when she’s with Travis!!! There is also still her mischievous side, with stirring things up for Ben and Vivien again!!Constancehas a great episode as well this week, commanding the screen as per usual with the battle of her emotions!! I know I say it every week but the climax is peaking and I really think (hope) that we are going to get a real treat as the series gets to its finale!!!!!!!

By Kirsty Wavish

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