They say that online film streaming is the future and with Netfilx opening its doors for the UK this week to rival LOVEFILM then it seemed the death bell was started to ring for our cherished Rental stores.

Well not quite yet going by the news tonight that Warner Bros will extend the current 28-day window to 56 days for Netflix users looking to rent a DVD or Blu-ray. That means that a movie carrying the Warners label will take almost two months to appear on Netflix after it has already been released on DVD/Blu-ray.

Since we implemented a 28-day window for subscription and kiosk, we have seen very positive results with regard to our sell-through business,” said the studio. “One of the key initiatives for Warner Bros is to improve the value of ownership for the consumer and the extension of the rental window.

Netflix added: “Netflix wants to ensure members have continued secure access to Warner Bros DVDs and Blu-ray discs and, as such, is accepting the 56 day holdback.

Rental stores everywhere will rejoice with the news, there are those that will fear this could increase illegal downloads…

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