Bloody Gore Aplenty in Upcoming Kickass UK Zombie Flick ZOMBIE RESURRECTION

The long wait for low-budget British zombie feature Zombie Resurrection came one step closer this week, with the release of the trailer for the movie ZOMBIE RESURRECTION


The film is the brainchild of two first-time filmmakers – Andy Phelps and Jake Hawkins. With a history of producing award-winning short films, Zombie Resurrection shows them stepping up their game and moving into commercial cinema.

Zombie Resurrection is not your average zombie flick. Sure, there are all the gore and jumps you’d expect from a horror movie, but the film also delivers in places which other zombie films often don’t reach.

“We’re following a group of completely eccentric survivors, who get stuck in an abandoned school with a mysterious zombie and his undead congregation. When they find out that this zombie has almost divine powers and can raise the undead back to life, it all gets very messy”, says co-writer / director Andy Phelps.

By introducing a zombie Messiah into the undead mythos, it allows the film to introduce some oft-overlooked social commentary:

“It’s about faith, and the conflict between faith and science. When is it logical to give yourself over to a completely irrational belief, just because you can’t understand what you’ve witnessed with your own eyes?” explains co-writer / director Jake Hawkins.

Having shot the film over the summer of 2011, the pair are currently moving full steam through post-production, with a view to taking the finished product out to Cannes in May 2012 to look for distributors. The plan – a worldwide campaign of horror film festivals, with the DVD and BluRay in the shops for Christmas.

Zombie Resurrection needs the support of lovers of the genre and fans of independent film. Check out Charmed Apocalypse Pictures’ IndieGoGocampaign, and see how you can help support UK independent filmmakers to bring Zombie Resurrection to the screen:
Of course, your generosity does not go unrewarded. With tiered donation packages, the more you give, the better the gift you receive in return.

Zombies, in my opinion, have become a tired genre. After the snooze-fest of The Walking Dead, my interest peaked when watching the trailer for this stylishly shot splatterfest. Starring Eric Colvin, Simon Burbage, Jim Sweeney, Danny Brown, Jade Colucci,  Joe Rainbow, Rachel Nottingham, Georgia Winters and Rupert Phelps, this low budget film will inject the much needed adrenaline into the genre and reignite our love for all things zombie.

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