Classic Spanish horror ‘Who Can Kill A Child?’ set for a remake, in Spanish!

The 1976 Spanish horror Who Can Kill A Child is due for the remake treatment. The influential film, which inspired films like Children of the Corn, is not getting the English conversion though, something which is usually the reason for a film to be remade. The film is set for a Spanish language remake, so consider it an updated version of the original, a film which has gained cult status and which many believe to be one of the finest horror films ever made. Our very own Ross Hughes thinks so, he has been bullying the staff of the HCF office to watch it for some time now. Sadly we still haven’t, and the poor lads temper is growing shorter by the day! If you need proof of how good this film is, then check out Ross’ review.

The remake will go by the new name of Child’s Play, and will star Vinessa Shaw (3:10 to Yuma) with rumours that Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal will be producing. The director of the project is simply known as Makinov. Screen Daily had more on the project:

A promo is available for Child’s Play, a remake of the 1976 Spanish film Who Could Kill A Child? Vinessa Shaw stars as a pregnant woman whose remote island getaway is terrorised by possessed children. Makinov directs and Ebon Moss and Daniel Gimenez Cacho round out the key cast.

More as it develops.

By Matt Wavish

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