Confirmed! The remake of ‘Maniac’ will be cleverly shot from the killers Point of View

We have been talking about director Franck Khalfoun’s Maniac remake for some time now, and we have had hints about the film being shot either entirely or partially from the killers POV. Personally, I think this is a great idea, and deep down I was hoping these rumours to be true. Well, turns out they are as star of the show Elijah Wood confirmed in an interview with MTV at the Sundance Film Festival.

Wood said: “You only ever see me in reflections and occasionally there are out-of-body experiences where you see more of me.”  Wood continued on his thoughts of remakes in general and what was different about this one: “I normally don’t love the notion of remakes,” he said. “I’ve said that I’m averse to it, especially in horror films. But the approach was so different and so unique that I was really intrigued. It was fun.”

Wood plays the maniac of the title, Frank Zito, made famous by the late Joe Spinell in all his sweaty glory. Alexandre Aja helped write the screenplay and also produced, so with his skill involved this should turn out to be very good indeed. America Olivo recently signed up to play Frank’s Mother, and she joined Nora Arnezeder, Liane Balaban, Morgane Slemp and Sal Landi.

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The film follows Frank as he works in a shop selling antique mannequins. He finds his prey on the Internet, who he then stalks in order to act out a revenge against his abusive Mother, a nasty woman who keeps appearing as hallucinations.

By Matt Wavish

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