Danny Trejo and Eric Roberts are men of ‘The Cloth’ in new exorcism horror

With The Devil Inside, The Last Exorcism and The Rite all being released within the last year or so, and the Exorcism of Emily Rose still haunting people’s memories (in a good way), exorcism horrors are certainly at the forefront of all things horror right now. Any news on a new exorcism horror is good news, and so here come news of yet another one, although it boasts are rather fine cast compared to some of the recent exorcism films which featured unknowns.

The Cloth is written and directed by Justin Price, and check this out for a cast! Danny Trejo, Eric Roberts, John Greer, Rachele Brooke Smith, Steven Brand, Robert Miano and Lassiter Holmes all feature. Wanna know what’s REALLY cool? Trejo and Roberts play Priests; god damn how amazing is that! Imagine if all Priests were like these two, you be at Church every Sunday for fear of them beating you half to death for not attending!


The film, “is a thriller centered on a secret organization formed by the Catholic Church to counteract the rising cases of demonic possessions across the country. With the arrival of the Devil’s General Kasdeya on earth, the members of the Cloth have only seven days to stop the crossover of the ultimate evil into our realm. To stop Beelzebub’s arrival, their mission depends on Jason (Kyler Willett), a young godless man, to lead the next generation of Cloth members before the Devil and his armies walk the earth.

By Matt Wavish

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  1. Wow, this looks like it’s going to be an interesting & scary film! Definitely a cast worth watching together. And if you like Eric Roberts acting, you definitely need to check out a new film he’s starring in that will come out this month. Deadline is much different than The Cloth, but is a murder mystery nonetheless. Based on a true southern story, the movie tells the story of the murder of an African American youth in rural Alabama that has gone uninvestigated, unsolved and unpunished for many years. But that changes when Nashville Times reporter Matt Harper crosses paths with a young blueblood reporter wanting to get to the bottom of the case. Watch the trailer at deadlinefilm.com & get more info. It’s going to be great – can’t wait to see it on the big screen!

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