Everyone seems to be getting excited for this new Superhero film Chronicle with our very own Matt banging about it every day in the office and now we have 20th Century Fox showing their hand by having great hopes about the whole thing by wanting the helmer Josh Trank to take over the Fantastic Four franchise.
Its been reported that Trank has had several meetings regarding the project and while this shows confidence from the studio that Chronicle will be a massive hit, FOX are still waiting to see how the film goes before making the offer official., 
The Studio is also waiting for the latest draft of the script by Michael Green (Green Lantern) which hopefully will be a much better improvement than the Lantern film which was awful and a box office flop.

Tim Story no not Toy Story because lets face it when you see that name that is what you think, directed the first two “Fantastic Four” movie, which grossed $620 million worldwide combined.

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  1. I suppose now The Human Torch is Captain America, a reboot is necessary. Personally, I really like the Fantastic Four movies. They’re a little more light-hearted in comparison to the rest of the Marvel films, but that’s the Fantastic Four in general. It’s never been as serious as the likes of X-men and that. It’s a shame there was never a 3rd with the original cast, just to tie things up, but now that Evans is the Cap, there’s no way he can be Johnny Storm again.

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