Nicolas Cage could be going bonkers again in new film ‘Dark Highway’

Yes, any news which involves Nic Cage and the promise of him losing it, going crazy or generally having some excuse to go a bit bonkers, it great news. So, even though nothing here is confirmed, the idea is something we here at HCF would most definitely pay to see!

According to Chronicle Herald, Cage is in final talks to land the lead role in director Bruce McDonald’s Dark Highway. The film will be a sort of genre follow up to his previous and rather excellent film, Pontypool.

Now it’s all about timing and everybody’s schedule,” McDonald says of when shooting might begin.

The film is described as a supernatural thriller, and the “story follows a man being chased who is trying to get to a certain place in one day. He doesn’t know whether the situation is real or his imagination.

Honestly, Nic Cage being chased by someone who may not be there, trying to get somewhere he may not have to, in a situation which may not even be real? How feckin amazing does that sound, and NO other actor should be given that part, it has Cage’s name all over it!!

By Matt Wavish

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