‘The Devil Inside’ has a hugely successful opening weekend in the US, but what do people think?

Paramount’s new exorcism horror, The Devil Inside, directed by William Brent Bell (Stay Alive) is fastly becoming one of the most talked about horrors in recent memory. However, is the film being talked about for all the right reasons? Apparently not, reviews have been less than forgiving, with the film getting many zero scores from websites like JoBlo.com, and scoring a shocking 7% on Rotten Tomatoes and a slightly more healthy 4.4 on IMDB. However, even with all the negative reviews, the film has so far been a major success. In fact, The Devil Inside has become the third biggest January debut, taking in a staggering $34.5 million, behind only Cloverfield ($40.1 million) and the Star Wars (1997) re-issue ($35.9 million).

This is great news so far for Paramount, who acquired the flick as part of their Insurge label for only $1 million. Good or bad, the film has certainly made its money back, and it hasn’t even had its worldwide release yet. The Devil Inside is due to arrive in UK cinemas 2nd March, quite a gap from the US release and I am beginning to think it may have been a better idea to release the film day and date worldwide so that the negative reviews wouldn’t have the chance to put people off. Saying that though, there have been some positive reviews, and it would seem one of the main issues with the horror is the end.

I have not seen the film, and from what I have read I do not want to spoil things, but I will say this: it is a FOUND FOOTAGE flick, it WILL NOT end like a proper film because the makers want it to seem authentic! However, apart from the thousands of complaints about how the film ends, there have been many others, including one priest in particular, the use of the shaky camera and many other issues. It is said audiences have been walking out spitting on cinema floors demanding their money back, in some instances upset viewers have been throwing things at the cinema screen in anger and many others have been booing. Now, let’s make one thing clear, it is NOT the cinemas fault, so why take it out on them? Those screens you happily throw stuff at cost a fortune!

The positive coming from the negative review, however, is that people are now even more eager to see it. I have seen comments on websites where fans have been shocked at the bad reviews claiming they simply HAVE to see how bad the film really is. It is a funny old world aint it. Me, I still stand by the film and believe it will be something very special indeed, and being such a fan of found footage films and generally liking films others seem to hate, I have a sneaky suspicion that I will be one of the minority giving this film a good review.

Paramount cannot be faulted though, they have done everything in their power to advertise this film, and the marketing for the film has been nothing short of brilliant. Whoever took charge of promoting this film should be applauded. We have been spoilt with images, trailers, clips and countless other marketing techniques from interviews with priests to a special screening in a CHURCH! Every horror fan in the world knows this film is out, and for some bizarre reason, the bad press the film is now receiving is only making headlines for the film again. The Devil Inside just won’t die, everyone, for whatever reason, is talking about it and I for one cannot wait for it to arrive here in the UK. Less than two months to go before we, the good people of the UK, can make up our own minds.

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By Matt Wavish

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