The UK dabbles with ‘Ouija’ in Darren Lynch’s new horror

While those poor chaps in the US complain at the new family friendly horror flick Ouija, which is based on the Hasbro game, we here in the UK can be thankful to get the real deal. A proper horror based on the Ouija board, a tool which allows its users to contact the dead (but you already know that don’t you!) Anyway, Darren Lynch is the director we have to thank for making a serious horror, and he intends to release the film sometime around Halloween this year. A perfect choice of date, read on for what Lynch said about the film:

“Ouija is something different than any other horror; firstly there isn’t a film about a Ouija board that has ever been a huge success, Until now. This film has everything a horror fanatic is looking for. Scare factors, gore, lots of jumpy bits, and of course … a great storyline. I was inspired by the Ouija board to write this story. I have done a few in my time but never come across anything spooky. But I have been told not to mess with the arts of Ouija so I wrote this story in other people’s eyes, how they have come across evil on the board.”

Lynch continues, “We have finished filming now after a hard working 5 weeks, and the film has now gone into post-production. The film is looking really good. We have been filming in a woods around the area of Shelton Lock in Derby. I am aiming for cinema release on this one next Halloween.”

The fact the director has dabbled in the use of Ouija boards himself gives the film a real sense of authenticity and,hopefully, believability. The horror stars Jessica Gaucher-Thompson, Conner Lynch, Ekua Ghansah, Mark Heap, and Roxy Freeman.


Ouija is centered around 9 friends who go out for the night in the woods, drinking and smoking. One of them decides to bring along the Ouija board, summoning a demon that then begins to stalk the camp, killing them one by one.

(Souce: Dread Central)

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  1. Hi not sure if you can remember me, you covered my feature Ouija back in 2012. I Was wondering if you would like to cover my new short horror film The Cabin, I’m aiming for a Halloween release I also have a screener as well if you would like to review?

    Kindest Regards

    Darren Lynch

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