Trailer for Juan Diego Solanas’ ‘Upside Down’ is mind-bending and full of superb visuals

Director Juan Diego Solanas made a name for himself with his debut short film, The Man Without a Head (2003), the story of a man with no head preparing for a date. After his first full length feature, Northeast, the director has returned with a mind-bending sci-fi tale that reminds me a little of Alex Proyas’ superb Dark City.

Upside Down is a love story, but as you can see from the trailer, has a dark edge to it. The film stars Kirsten Dunst (looking hotter than ever!), Jim Sturgess and Jayne Heitmeyer, and Solanas co-wrote the film with Santiago Amigorena. Currently in post production, the film is looking for a release later this year.

The story centres on two worlds which are inverted over the other, and you can clearly see the other world from yours. One is upside down, and inhabitants from each world are forbidden to mix. Adam (Sturgess) searches for his long lost love Eve (Dunst) and finds her in the alternate world, and he must battle against the odds to be with her. I am sure you’ll agree the film looks visually stunning, let’s hope the final film lives up to expectations.

By Matt Wavish

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