Aliens: Colonial Marines delayed again! But Sega gives us another teaser.

It seems that Gearbox and Sega’s Aliens: Colonial Marines, is trying to make it’s own Duke Nukem Forever style saga. Although it hasn’t been in development quite as long as Duke’s disappointing comeback, Colonial Marines has had more delays than Virgin Trains. Given that the game was due for release very soon indeed, it’s all the more of a let down and the most probable reason for its delay is that it will more than likely make more money in its new release slot, ‘Autumn 2012’.

As some form of mild compensation, Sega released a new trailer to cushion the blow, and its a good one. Accompanied by the tremendous score from the 2009 cult classic, Moon, the Colonial Marines trailer shows several groups of the Xenomorph, and a squad of ultimate bad-asses doing battle.


Although we now have to wait another few months, this still looks like its going be one of 2012’s must haves. Keep an eye on HCF for more news on this exciting title over the coming months.


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