Disturbing UK horror/thriller ‘The Seasoning House’ continues principal photography and shares some vital information

The idea for this new British horror sounds very interesting indeed, and rather unpleasant. Not only is the idea intriguing, but the film will star the wonderful Sean Pertwee (Dog Soldiers, I.D). The film, produced by London based Sterling Pictures, recently began filming under the guidance of first time director Paul Hyett.

This may be Hyett’s directorial debut, but the guy has been working on make-up in films since the late 90?s. His list of films he has worked on includes such genre greats as Lighthouse, The Last Horror Movie,The Descent, Wilderness, The Cottage, Straightheads, Eden Lake, Doomsday, Tormented, Heartless, The Descent 2, The Reverend, Attack the Block and The Woman In Black, so basically, we are in very good hands!

Some new images and a press release reveal a little more on the upcoming horror:

From the press release:

Written and directed by PAUL HYETT (award-winning special makeup FX designer for The Woman In Black, Dog Soldiers, Doomsday, Attack the Block, Eden Lake, Centurion, and more) and starring SEAN PERTWEE (Equilibrium, Doomsday, Mutant Chronicles, Devil’s Playground,, ROSIE DAY (Black Books, Fallen Angel, Harley Street), ANNA WALTON (Hellboy II – The Golden Army, 5 Days of War, Mutant Chronicles, Crusoe), KEVIN HOWARTH (Gallowwalker, The Magnificent Eleven, The Last Horror Movie), and JEMMA POWELL (Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, The Symmetry Of Love). Produced by MICHAEL RILEY (Vampire Diary, Outlanders, Sugarhouse, Lava, In a Land of Plenty) of London-based Sterling Pictures.

THE SEASONING HOUSE is a stylish, claustrophobic, nightmarish neo-horror about Angel, a young Balkan girl forced to work in a rape house during an unspecified war. After killing a militiaman, she goes on the run.

Writer/director Hyett explains: “I like to think of the film as a cross between Pan’s Labyrinth, Martyrs, and Die Hard. It’s an uncompromising, action-packed, and claustrophobic revenge thriller set against the backdrop of an unspecified Balkan war. Having worked on so many films over the last few decades, I am totally comfortable with making the leap into directing. It feels like a natural progression for me. While the subject matter is dark, disturbing, and nihilistic, I’m approaching it in a very stylish, glossy, and beautiful fairytale way. The first half is an opiated dream; then the tone shifts as the young girl is dragged out of this darkness, the dream shattered, and a far edgier, fractured and realistic film emerges. I’ve been lucky enough to be working with friends from my previous work, including Sean (Pertwee, playing “Goran”, the brutal militia leader), Kevin (Howarth, playing “Viktor” the shifty proprietor of the eponymous establishment), Michael (Riley, producer), as well as some new friends such as the amazing Rosie Day, who plays “Angel”, the tiny young girl who makes her way around the house via the crawlspaces and spaces beneath the floorboards. Directing The Seasoning House is an enormous pleasure for me, and this will be the first of a series of films I will direct over the next few years”.

Producer Riley adds: “Paul has done prosthetics on many of my films over the last 15 years. His focus, preparation, and creative abilities, coupled with his vast experience on some of the best European films of recent years, convinced me he was ready to put on director’s shoes. On set he is calm, prepared, relaxed, and communicative. With a confidence born of years of experience and virtually ego-free, he commands the respect of the cast and crew so is the perfect director. I look forward to continuing this relationship into the future on subsequent horror/thrillers”.

By Matt Wavish

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