Fringe Season 4 Episode 9 “Enemy of my Enemy” (Contains plot spoilers)

(Contains plot spoilers)

Episode 9 “Enemy of my Enemy” kicks off with Fauxlivia and parallel Lincoln trying to track down David Robert Jones in his warehouse/laboratory. With traitor Broyles giving Jones’ the heads up, Jones waits patiently for the duo to turn up before eliminating one of his shapeshifters in front of them, warning them that if he is willing to destroy one of his beautiful shapeshifters, think what he would do to his enemies! He then asks to be escorted to Fringe headquarters.

Back at Fringe headquarters, Peter and our Lincoln have been granted clearance to return to the other universe, however, Peter recognises Jones, as he is escorted into one of the interrogation rooms. Peter asks if he can question Jones as he will be able to confuse him due to his prior knowledge of Jones from another timeline, and telling Jones that he knows his scars are due to injuries caused by his teleportation out of the prison. Jones’ persona quickly changes from an over confident villian, acting as though he has everyone wrapped around his little finger, to one of worry, unable to understand Peter’s knowledge of him, and he starts to panic. He demands that a hard drive containing satellite tracking data, which was taken from him, to be returned to him otherwise he has the ability to launch terrorist attacks wherever he pleases; given a taster to the Fringe team by setting off a biochemical agent in a hospital ward, murdering all who reside inside.

They have no other choice other than to let Jones go, but Lincoln comes up with an idea to secretly fit him with a tracking device, hidden in a cup of coffee. As he is set free, they begin to track him, until traitor Broyles secretly intervenes and scrambles the tracking system, allowing Jones to escape, and leaving our Lincoln suspicious that there is a mole within the Fringe team.

Peter and Astrid start to analyse the data on Jones’ hard drive and come across a map. They establish that Jones is on the scrounge for a particular mineral in vast quantities which can apparently create a hole in the universe if used in a large amount. Peter then realises that what he is looking at is not the map of this universe, but the map of the other universe, but its too late as Jones has already crossed over by using the shapeshifters he’s been creating so he could get hold of the mineral. Peter and Lincoln quickly return to the other universe, but Jones is one step ahead again, having already extracted the mineral and returned to the parallel universe.  

Both Fringe teams from the two universes have no other choice but to work together to stop Jones in his tracks and Peter believes that they have an advantage with Peter having already encountered Jones in a previous timeline, and Jones would not have accounted for that happening – how would he???

The plot thickens though as we find out that Jones is also communicating with the shady Nina Sharp from our universe as they discuss the preparation of a woman that remains nameless for Phase 2 of their plan……….

Finally, Elizabeth’s (Walternate’s wife) efforts to help Peter, she travels to our universe to visit Walter to try to convince him to help Peter and assures Walter that she forgave him for what he did a very long time ago. A very beautiful and moving scene that even brought a tear to my eye! Walter is such a troubled soul and even though he has made some whopping mistakes (not to mention the very near destruction of two universes), you can’t help but feel it for him, give him a cuddle and tell him its going to be ok!!! After their conversation, Walter then pays Peter a visit and tells him he will help to get him home!! Aww!!!

I loved this episode, particularly the use of Peter as the go-between and neutral party, bringing the two universes together. I actually love Peter’s character in general as it brings such depth to the show, a sort of groundness and logic that is so intriguing!

And I’m very intrigued about all this deception and traitor activity going on. Obviously Nina Sharp has been brewing from the start and I wonder if she is behind the whole shapeshifter business. If so, is she trying to destroy Walternate through painting him as the baddie? But also the recent revelation that parallel Broyles is in on it too!! Broyles doesn’t appear to be very happy or comfortable with his traitor activities, although it could just be Broyles’ general uncomfortable look!! But I can’t help but wonder if he’s being threatened to do it. I believe in this timeline Broyles may still have his family (which he lost in our universe as was revealed in a previous series), so I just wonder if their safety is being used as a way to coerce him!??? Just a stab in the dark!

I really hope some questions are going to be answered soon………….  

By Kirsty Wavish

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