Joel Kinnaman wants to “stay out of trouble” as he’s offered the role of Robocop

Director Jose Padilha’s (Elite Squad: The Enemy Within) remake of the classic Paul Verhoeven film, Robocop, is still waiting to get going. MGM are hoping for a summer start to production this year, and while many fans will feel this remake is unnecessary, many others will be curious. Me, I adore the original and I don’t believe you can recapture the comic-book violence, 80’s madness and certainly not the look and feel of the original. There are characters in the original, especially Murphy/Robocop and the ultra cool villain Clarence Boddicker, who simply cannot be replicated. Since they feel the need to go ahead with this remake, it needs to be something entirely new, and I will welcome the new film so long as they do not intend a like-for-like remake. We will have to wait and see what they come up with.

News today is of a name being offered the iconic role of Robocop, or Murphy, and that name is Joel Kinnaman. A relatively new face in bigger movies, he was recently seen in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remake, as well as Safe House and TV series The Killing. He also stars in the yet to be released but truly awesome looking thriller Easy Money (Snabba Cash). In my personal opinion, he has a good look for the character, but it depends on which direction they intend to take the film.

Kinnaman has not accepted the offer put to him by MGM yet, but with his career on the up, and with Robocop no doubt set to be a very big release, it would be silly not to accept. Strike Entertainment partners Eric Newman and Marc Abraham are producing, with Josh Zetumar writing the script, although there are rumours that Gran Torino writer Nick Schenk would also be helping out on writing duties.

More on this as it develops.

By Matt Wavish

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