LATEST TV NEWS: NNNNNOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo Liu cast as Dr Watson????


If you could not get on the Internet this morning then do not worry, there is nothing wrong with your internet connection….its the fact that all Sherlock Holmes fans are all online venting their fury over news of who has been cast as Dr Watson in the new American Show Elementary.
You may be looking at the picture above and thought we have posted the wrong one but no its not wrong and it is Lucy Liu who will become the sidekick for Holmes in the modern take of the story and you can guess the news has not gone down well.
There is already severe criticism that America are jumping on the bandwagon of the BBC hit Sherlock and this news that they have now changed the sex of Dr Watson, well you can imagine the fury that is out there.
Jonny Lee Miller has already been cast in the role of Sherlock Holmes and I just can not see for the life of me how this will work.  Are the writers hoping for a bit of sexual chemistry between the two?  Like Mulder and Scully in X Files or even in Moonlighting?
Is it me or does this seem like a disaster before its even began?
More on this when it happens.
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