One half of Crank duo, Brian Taylor set to direct a movie based on the ‘Twisted Metal’ game

Twisted Metal is one of Sony’s best selling games, so it comes as no surprise that Sony themselves have struck a deal with Brian Taylor to make a feature film out of it. Brian Taylor is one half of the Crank, Gamer and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance duo which also includes Mark Neveldine. Twisted Metal will see Taylor branch out on his own, and while it may seem strange that a game which is right up the directing duo’s street would only be handed to one of them, Taylor does seem like the perfect man for the job.

The Twisted Metal games see’s a fella named Calypso who runs an underground race where contestants in pimped out cars go all death race and fight to the death. Among the characters we get a homicidal clown named Sweet Tooth who drives an ice cream truck, and Doll Face, a masked woman who drives a huge truck, Calypso puts together the tournaments to see what turns peaceful men violent.

Taylor will both write and direct, but don’t worry, he will be working with partner in crime Neveldine again. The pair have said that if Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is a success, then they will definitely dirtect a sequel, and there is always the much talked about Crank 3, a film which has more or less been confirmed.

By Matt Wavish

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