Sleep inducing teaser trailer arrives for Halle Berry shark thriller, ‘Dark Tide’

Oh dear oh dear, things do not look good for the latest shark flick on the block! A long and drawn out trailer landed late last year for director John Stockwell’s Dark Tide, and now an official teaser trailer has also swam its way onto the internet. Sadly, with the film celebrating a distribution deal, the teaser trailer does not exactly make me share their enthusiasm.

This is a real shame as I am a sucker for any shark flick, but I am sorry but this new teaser deserves to be sunk to the bottom of the ocean and left there, for good! You can check out the painful drivel after the synopsis, and let’s hope we get something better than this very soon.


Sara (Halle Berry) is a modern-day adventurer, deeply drawn to close encounters with the magnificent White Sharks who rule the primal predator shore of isolated Guadalupe Island. When her husband chooses ambition over his wife’s safety in a split-second encounter with the jaws of death, her marriage nearly breaks apart. A year later, a monsoon season voyage back to the same island becomes an escalating series of terrifying underwater confrontations and gut-wrenching emotional challenges. Testing her courage in the face of nature’s ultimate terror, she shows herself as tough as the men she is attracted to – and perhaps the bravest of all. Sara endures and changes the terms of the contest with mankind’s most feared underwater predator.

By Matt Wavish

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