Some very good news and some bad news for ‘Halloween’ fans

OK, let’s start with the bad news. The reason for starting with the bad news first? Well, once you read the good news, you will most probably forget the bad news ever existed, and in all honesty, the bad news is not really THAT bad, if you are patient or couldn’t care less about Halloween 3D.

Me, I am a little upset because personally I am looking forward to Halloween 3D. I love the Halloween franchise, and any new film, whether it is a remake or not, gets me excited. See, I am the black sheep of this website who actually loved Rob Zombie’s re-imagining of the franchise, and Halloween 3D is very high on my must-see list. The film, directed by Patrick Lussier and written by Todd Farmer, was due for release around Halloween this year. Great timing, and with Paranormal Activity 4 also due around that time, we were in for a real treat.

News has been making its way online that Halloween 3D is now due to be pushed back to 2013, although nothing is yet confirmed. However, the fact that no cast has even been picked yet, this news could well end up being true. Now that you have gotten over the shock of such horrific news let me bring you to the good news.

A new book is being released in time for Halloween this year to mark the first films 35 year anniversary. The book will look at every film in the franchise, including Halloween 3D. Please, allow the press release to do the talking, and be careful not to jump up and won like a kid at Christmas!

Trancas International Films is proud to announce “Halloween: The Complete Authorized History” by Justin Beahm is now in production, taking the iconic franchise from screen to page in what will be an exhaustive exploration of all ten films, as well as ‘Halloween 3D’, now in pre-production. Timed for release in October of 2013 in celebration of the series’ 35th Anniversary, “Halloween: The Complete Authorized History” will tell the story of each picture via dozens of interviews with the people who made it happen, from directors to producers, composers to fx artists, writers to stunt personnel.

Halloween: The Complete Authorized History” will be heavily illustrated, containing hundreds of rare images, documents, props, artifacts, and promotional materials, culled from the Trancas archives and personal collections of those involved. In addition, the book will feature historical genre magazine articles relating to each film’s release, as well as new original artwork from some of today’s most notable talents.

Justin Beahm is a contributing editor at Fangoria magazine, a senior writer at Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, and is now Editor-In-Chief of In addition, Justin is Creative Director of Hip Bonz merchandise company, and Vice President of the sCare Foundation, a non-profit group of horror genre personalities dedicated to combating teenage homelessness and poverty (more at

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By Matt Wavish

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  1. Justin knows more about the horror genre and this film series than anyone on the face of this earth. I promise you, this book was what he was put on this earth to write.

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