SyFy Films and McG take on tornadoes in a new supernatural found footage flick!

It was only a matter of time before the found footage genre took on tornadoes, and the pairing of producer and director McG and SyFy Films are going to make that happen, but with an added supernatural twist. The film is question will be called Day 38, and I am quite excited at the idea of this one. The movie has been described as Twister meets Cloverfield meets Predator, if the film can bring all those classic films together and create something good, then I am there!

Day 38 has been in development for sometime under the guidance of McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision, and Richard Farmer has been hired to direct. However, McG has now struck a deal with SyFy Films to get the natural disaster come supernatural horror flick out there.

Per Variety, “Syfy Films is developing “Day 38” and is in early talks with McG and Mary Viola to produce, and Richard Farmer to direct the found-footage thriller. Project, scripted by Chris Rossi and Gabe Scott, was developed in-house at McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision with Farmer — a noted commercial director whose latest campaigns include Sims, Activision and Nintendo. It’s Wonderland’s/McG’s first partnership with Syfy.

A brief synopsis goes a little something like this:

The film, “begins in the face of a Category 5 tornado where a group of storm chasers find themselves fighting off a force greater than Mother Nature.“.

(Source: Variety)

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