The official trailer for ‘The Bourne Legacy’ has arrived!

I am sure, like Me, there are many Bourne fans out there a little nervous at just how The Bourne Legacy will turn out. Taking Jason Bourne out of a Bourne film and replacing him with a new trained killer called Aaron Cross, and yet still calling the film Bourne seems a little odd. However, if they changed the name to anything else then it might get lost. Keeping the connection with the Bourne franchise while moving on to a new character is a brave move, and hopefully it will pay off.

The official trailer has now landed, and while it is pretty intense and epic, it didn’t quite hit the spot for me, and I simply put this down to hoping for too much. See, I love the first three Bourne movies, and so I REALLY want to like this fourth film, but with both Matt Damon AND director Paul Greengrass gone, all eyes are on Jeremy Renner and new director Tony Gilroy to do something special. In all fairness, Renner has proved himself time and again with great roles in films like The Hurt Locker, The Town and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. I like him as an actor, and while I doubt he will be able to match Damon’s unique creation as Jason Bourne, I am sure Renner will bring his own personality to the role.

Director Tony Gilroy is no stranger to the Bourne franchise either, for he wrote the first three films and here he both writes and directs, so there do seem to be a number of positives, and I am sure when the next trailer is released it might be a little more impressive. In other good news, most of the cast from the franchise are also returning, with the likes of Scott Glenn, Joan Allen, Albert Finney and David Strathairn all back. Some new names have been added to this cast, and I am sure you’ll agree that the new names on the block are very impressive indeed, with Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz and Oscar Issac all lending their skills to the new flick.

The Bourne Legacy will arrive in UK cinemas on 17th August. Please, enjoy the trailer.

By Matt Wavish

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