‘The Wolverine’ gets an official release date!

Director James Mangold’s The Wolverine has been delayed, and delayed and delayed again, but thankfully today 2oth Century Fox released confirmation of the planned release date. 26th July 2013 is the proposed date, and perfect timing as it will arrive in time for the UK summer holidays. However, it does put the highly anticipated film up against some tough competition, like Disney’s Phineas and Ferb and also the remake of Dirty Dancing.

Hugh Jackman is set to return as Wolverine, and the new film will shift locations to Japan where the metal clawed hero will have to face the villain, The Silver Samurai. In the film Logan has a relationship with a Japanese woman who is engaged to another man, naughty Wolverine eh? The story is said to follow an 80’s comic strip where Wolverine faces a deadly Ninja clan.

Director Mangold has said he wants this to be a more personal film, looking to create more of a mystery than an all out action film, but clearly with what is involved in the story, there will be plenty of action for fans to enjoy.

So yet again we are looking at another year in the movies dominated  by superheroes. Wolverine joins an ever growing list which so far includes Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and Thor 2.

By Matt Wavish

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