WTF trailer of the week thanks to Japanese director Noboru Iguchi and his ‘Dead Sushi’

Yeh, well, I am not even gonna attempt to explain this one! Every now and then it is nice to just simply have a trailer to watch, no explanation, no reasoning, and very little info to share with you. All I can say is Japanese director Noboru Iguchi has done it again, and the trailer for his latest bonkers, perverted, sickening film does not disappoint.

I can only presume that Dead Sushi is about, well, dead sushi which comes back to life and decides to take some sort of revenge, and as with the majority of Iguchi’s films, there will be plenty of sexual content. The trailer has it all, and I must admit that I will 100% be watching this!

For those who don’t know, Iguchi directed such classics as Machine Girl, Tomie: Unlimited, Robogeisha, Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead and Mutant Girls Squad. The trailer for Dead Sushi is embedded below, enjoy!

By Matt Wavish

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