A creepy and disturbing one-sheet revealed for the US release of Yam Laranas’ ‘The Road’

Yam Laranas’ creepy horror, The Road, has been receiving some stunning reviews and superb word of mouth. Many are calling it one of the best foreign horror films of the year, and judging by the trailer released a few months a go, it is easy to see why. The director of Echo and Patient X must be very proud of his latest achievement, and news was announced a few days ago that the film was even going to get a theatrical release in the US!

In preparation of this, a brand new one-sheet has been designed to help sell the film (as if it needed it). Word of mouth is spreading and people are hungry to see what all the fuss is about. The new one-sheet is identical to the previously released poster, the only change is that this one features, in big bold writing, a snippet of Jason Bene’s review for Killer Film.com.

The Road is set to have a theatrical release in the US on the 11th May, and on the same day will also hit US digital platforms including Youtube, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and Hulu Plus. No dates have yet been announced for the UK but we will keep our eyes closely on this one for you!

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The Road stars Carmina Villarroel, Rhian Ramos, TJ Trinidad, and Alden Richards. Johan Söderqvist (Let the Right One In) scores the film.


A twelve-year-old cold case is reopened when three teens are missing in an abandoned road. In the course of the investigation, deeper and gruesome stories of abduction and murders are discovered. After more than two decades, the secrets of the haunted road may finally be revealed.

By Matt Wavish

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