A creepy and very interesting trailer arrives for new sci-fi horror ‘Cell Count’

Horror and sci-fi pretty much go hand in hand, and when done well, they can deliver some terrific results. Director Todd E. Freeman’s new film, Cell Count, looks like the perfect example. Its hard to go wrong with the two genres when you start mixing in human experiments, and if you check out the trailer below, you will see why. The film appears to have a ton of ideas, and thankfully the trailer is not giving too much away.

Cell Count has been chosen as the closing film at the Fantaspoa Film Festival in Brazil, which is where it will hold it’s world premiere. Freeman (Wake Before I Die) both directed and wrote the film, which stars Robert McKeehen, Haley Talbot and Christopher Toyne. The rather awesome poster, which is also below, was designed by Tom Hodge at The Dude Designs.

The film, “is the story of Russell Carpenter, who reluctantly admits his wife, Sadie, into an experimental treatment facility for her life threatening disease. While locked in this prison like surrounding they, along with six others, are unknowingly subjected to a cure that might just be worse than the disease itself.

By Matt Wavish

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  1. This looks terrible…like a Troma movie. Is that a vagina coming out of that dude’s mouth? I never heard of Fantasapoop, Is that even a real festival? Did the Asylum make this? I’m confused…Is this a joke?

    • No joke, this film is real and no the Asylum have nothing to do with it. I had never heard of the Fantaspoa festival either, but a quick search on Google proves it does exist, it just aint very big I guess.

    • Yeah, it is a joke dude. It stars the guy from celebrity rehab. They also seem to be behind on the whole low-budget gas mask movie trend.

  2. Cell Count actually premieres on May 20th at the 2012 Fantaspoa Film Festival, the biggest genre film festival in South America, as the Closing Night Film. Last year’s Closing Night Film was Jim Mickle’s “Stake Land.”

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