Ellie Hendrick was simply brilliant in this week’s Being Human, so much that I really hope we get to see her again. She stole the show as Allison in what was another sweet episode that offered hardly nothing to the new story arc but cemented once more the new found trio of Annie, Hal and Tom who are simply making mark II of Being Human simply unmissable!

Any newcomer who thought about watching Being Human for the first time and stumbled on the scene which saw Tom and Allison (with 2 L’s) walk around in love while the Puppy Love song was playing out will be forgiven to think that they are watching a real bad rom com, but I guess that was the whole point of the scene, it was laughable and really bad but so tongue in cheek that you could actually hear the writers laughing at it when this was aired.

Despite the lack of the war plot and of baby Eve, the episode like the rest that of the season continues to sparkle with wit and Hal showcased once again why he is the best thing in it. Once more the theme of love was central to the plot with Tom meeting fellow Blue Peter badge wearer Allison and of course falling in love. Things though were not so simple for the brilliant Hal who is suffering from a kind of Angel torment in that he is just too scared to find love.

The arrival of Alex (Kate Bracken), a young woman full of confidence and who loves to flirt, instantly took a liking to the Vamp and despite his best intentions to stay away (hiding under the counter and and desperately seeking distraction, rather than running away from her at every given opportunity, it seems that she may just be getting close to him which of course could spell danger. Hal may me loveable but there is a hint of a dark side within him and of course being left in a room with just her neck to look at, could bring his lust for blood racing up through his veins especially will only two episodes now left.

Annie did not have much to play with this week, she does seem to be sidelined for her new comedy duo housemates but she was left to ghostsit with an old man who she just happened to kill by accident. His unfinished business storyline is something we have seen before on Being Human and it was one of the weaker aspects of this season even though it did lead up to the revelation of who this mystery woman from the future is.

Now I would say that this was a shocking plot twist but lets be honest and say that nearly every viewer must have thought from the off that is was baby Eve all grown up and coming back to kill herself.

Of course how can I not finish this review by not mentioning the quite surreal and bonkers character of Kane (Marshall Griffin), who acted throughout like he was auditioning for a part in the new Expendables film. Seriously his crazy act of trying to be like an Arnie and the Strath was simply brilliant and his one liners were so funny that I wish we could see more of him.

Now that the secret is out and we know exactly who is coming back from the future and of course with only two episodes left, I guess from now on in the light tone will be replaced by that of a much darker variety. Being Human does manage to create some wonderful last two episodes and its going to be a long wait this week until the next episode to discover just how the writers are going to tie Eve and the Werewolf plots together.

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