Brace yourselves shark fans, The Asylum is bringing us ‘Mega Shark VS Mecha Shark’!!!

Not content with giving us Mega Shark VS Giant Octopus and Mega Shark VS Crocosaurus, The Asylum boys are at it again! They are now planning a third film in the popular ‘Mega Shark’ series called, Mega Shark VS Mecha Shark! That’s right people, in the latest instalment, the mega shark will do battle with a big, giant man made mechanic shark, and all kinds of madness are sure to follow!

The idea behind the plot is that a secret government project is building a large mechanic shark to take on and destroy the mega shark. As expected though, it is doubtful things will go to plan and the entire planet will probably get destroyed by these two fighting monsters!

There are no details yet on who will star, or even direct, but with The Asylum’s astonishing speed in which they get their films out, expect further news on this fantastic sounding film to arrive very soon. Recently The Asylum’s Paul Bales said the following on the popularity of the Mega Shark:

“The fan response to the Mega Shark franchise has been rabid,” said The Asylum. “In addition to a very persuasive online petition, we found that Mega Shark has taken on a life of her own. We’ve received photos of Mega Shark cakes, toys and games on a near-daily basis, and we thought it was high time she did battle with an iconic Mecha monster.”

By Matt Wavish

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