Chronicle director Josh Trank in talks to direct Spider-Man spin-off ‘Venom’

Josh Trank made a real name for himself with the superb found footage superhero’s gone bad flick, Chronicle, and that success should bring some massive projects his way. One such project, which has been on the cards for some years now, and was once due to be directed by Gary Ross (The Hunger Games), is Spider-Men spin-off Venom. No official word has yet been made, but the word is that Trank is in talks to direct a new film based on Spider-Man’s nemesis Venom.

Sony are preparing for a Spider-Man resurgence with Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man due for release on 4th July, and a source familiar with the Venom project has said that Trank is next in line to direct. It would be a good career choice for Trank to move on to such a big film so quickly, but as yet nothing has been confirmed and Sony have been unavailable to comment.

A script was written for Venom several years ago by Jacob Estes, but it sounds like producers are wanting to start over with a new script. The focus of the film will be Venom, who was a mainstay in the Marvel comics, and also made an appearance in 2007’s Spider-Man 3. In that movie, Topher Grace played the role.

No other news is available, so we will have to play the waiting game, but should Trank decide to take this on, Venom could well become a huge success.

By Matt Wavish

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