Superstition [1982], which I reviewed on this here very site last week, is hardly a great movie, despite its reputation in some circles as some kind of lost classic.  It’s one of those horror movies that may cause more laughs than fear, though it has considerable cheesy charm, and I can say without doubt that, having now obtained the DVD, I will be sticking it on far more often than many better movies I own!

A group of people decide to renovate a house despite an increasing number of deaths, and a family moves in, where more deaths occur.  Now, as you have probably realised, one area where this film scores quite highly is in the ‘deaths’ department.  A face is nailed to a floor.  A window pane cuts someone in half.  Shards of glass go into a face.  It’s that kind of movie.  For me though, the outstanding kill involves a buzz saw.  Or rather, a buzz saw blade.  Flying through the air [yes, Final Destination fans, I really recommend you check this movie out!]

People are working on the house in a room, and one guy is cutting something on a table with the buzz saw . Suddenly, the circular blade bursts free and whizzes through the air into the chest of poor old Reverend Maier, whereupon it works its way through his stomach and out of his back.  For me this ticks all the boxes of a classic death scene.  It’s sudden, coming right out of the blue.  It’s gory, though not so gory that you won’t feel sick afterwards.  And there’s something blackly amusing about it.

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