Italian production company IDF, owned by actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta (Il Postino) has begun principal photography on Federico Zampaglione’s eagerly-awaited third feature, TULPA.

Award-winning actress Claudia Gerini, who has just completed a leading role as Marie Cecile in Christopher Smith’s TV adaptation of Labyrinth, stars as Lisa Boeri, a respectable and upwardly mobile businesswoman who, by night, frequents the notorious sex club ‘Tulpa’ in search of dangerous forms of pleasure. When her lovers start getting murdered in horrible ways, to avoid a personal scandal, she tries to deal with it herself with truly nightmare consequences.

TULPA also stars Michele Placido (Romanzo Criminale), one of Italy’s most renowned actors/directors, alongside Nuot Arquint (Shadow) and Michela Cescon (Sacred Heart).

Shot entirely on location in Rome over five-weeks, TULPA is based on a story by genre veteran Dardano Sacchetti, with a screenplay by Giacomo Gensini and Federico Zampaglione. It is produced by IDF, Giovanni Emidi and Silvia Natill in association with Federico Zampaglione and Claudia Gerini. Director of photography is Giuseppe Di Maio. Make up and Special Effects are by Leonardo Cruciano & Bruno Albi Marini with music by Francesco Zampaglione and The Alvarius

Federico, who is described as Italy’s Rob Zombie, said today: “I’m very excited to start shooting TULPA, but I’m aware it’s a very difficult film to make, I need to maintain a constant creepy and oppressive atmosphere and the violence is actually very, very graphic”

A seven-minute teaser clip, recently shown at FrightFest Glasgow, was greeted with enthusiastic applause, which for Federico, following on from the international success of his first feature Shadow, increases the pressure on him.

“I have to prove myself. It’s a real challenge but I’ll do my best to give new blood to the Italian Gialllo genre”.

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  1. Read about this a few weeks back and was going to write up about it myself. Looks stunning, realy really can’t wait for this. Can’t beat a good ol’ Giallo!!!

  2. Caught a 10 minute preview of the movie in question at Glasgow Frightfest and I must admit that I was suitably impressed. The colours, camera angles and effects were incredible. I would advise everyone to try see this film if the preview is anything to go by. Frederico made a very enthousiastic appearance to plug his film and took delight in high fiving the majority of the Glasgow audience before making it to the stage. Highly recommended.

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