The Devil Inside director’s new found footage Werewolf horror, ‘Wer’, may have found its lead actress

We brought you news a few months back that The Devil Inside director, William Brent Bell, was about to start work on a new found footage horror called Wer. I don’t much like the title, but I do like the plot synopsis.

The found footage flick will take place in a police station in Transylvania where a murder suspect is being held. One night all Hell breaks loose as the suspect turns into a Werewolf!

Sounds awesome, and with Bell working with long time collaborator and writing partner Matthew Peterman, this could be an amazing horror in done right. The Devil Inside producer Steve Schneider (who also worked on the Paranormal Activity films) will be producing Wer along with Peterman and Morris Paulson, through their production company Prototype. The effects will be handled by Robert Hall and his Almost Human Inc.

News came last night that A.J. Cook is now in final negotiations to star in the film as Kate Moore, the defense attorney desperate to clear her client of murder. As you might have guessed, her client is Talan Gwynek, the person who eventually turns into a Werewolf!

A.J. Cook has been seen in a number of horrors including Mother’s Day, Final Destination 2, Ripper and Wishmaster 3. She has also appeared in a number of TV shows including Tru Calling and Criminal Minds.

More on this film as it develops.

(Source: Bloody Disgusting)

By Matt Wavish

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