The late Ken Russell’s classic film, ‘Gothic’, to open a special UK Ken Russell season from Cigarette Burns Cinema

See, we here in the UK get lucky sometimes as well, and this week we are blessed with something truly special. Anyone fortunate enough to live in London, or who can find the time to get there, will be wanting to check this out! Cigarette Burns Cinema will be hosting a special Ken Russell season, starting off on 10th March with his truly astonishing piece of twisted terror, Gothic.  Read on for all the details you need:

Cigarette Burns Cinema hosts Ken Russell Forever season

Opening Night with none other than GOTHIC

March 10th – Drinks supplied by Kraken Rum from 10.30 and Film starts 11.30


Cigarette Burns  is proud to tumble down the rabbit hole with Ken Russell‘s laudanum induced nightmare tale. A tale of such mad and monstrous proportions that it lends itself perfectly to a half pissed midnight screening, leaving you as bewildered, befuddled, bewitched and entranced as any late night embarkation into the land of magic and confusion.


The late, great Ken Russell creates his own monstrous fantasy with the story of the origins of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein. During one stormy night at mad Lord Byron’s country estate, the assembled guests conjure up dark tales from the drug induced nightmares and hallucinations that inhabit the expanding vortex of their minds. A certifiable masterpiece of visual delirium!

This month we’ll have Rough Trade DJ – Spencer Hickman spinning absinthe tainted classics before and after the film, and our friends at Psychotronic will be selling DVDs, books, and many more items of wallet-tempting cult ephemera.

Tickets are £7.50. The film starts around 23.30, with the bar staying open throughout the film until 2.30AM. The Rio has great transport links and is easy to get to:



67, 76/N76, 149 (24-hr), 243 (24-hr), & 488 stop right outside the Rio



The Rio is 5 minutes from both Dalston Junction and Dalston Kingland stations (both London Overground)

See you there!

Over the past year we’ve enjoyed highly successful screenings of PROFONDO ROSSO, ROBOCOP, STREET TRASH, DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS, MS. 45, WHO CAN KILL A CHILD?, the FEMALE CONVICT SCORPION trilogy, VIDEODROME, THE BEYOND,  HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY, DEAD AND BURIED, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, THE PROWLER, and many more. Look for more announcements from us very soon…

You can view the full list of films on show here

By Matt Wavish

Matt Wavish
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