‘The Profane Exhibit’: Uwe Boll has completed his segment of the horror anthology “viewers need to prepare for this one!”

We all know that Uwe Boll has talent when it comes to upsetting viewers, some of his more recent films have proved that. Films like Seed, Rampage and Stoic have shown that Boll has no intention of calming down as he matures, in fact, he seems to be getting worse! His films are getting better too, and his level of depravity should reach an all time high in his short film for The Profane Exhibit. Boll’s entry into the huge project has just been completed, and a recent press release will explain everything you need to know, including a warning to those sensitive viewers.

From the Press Release
Director Uwe Boll has completed his contribution to the film, the creepy and subversive short Basement, starring Caroline Williams (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Tara Cardinal and horror icon Clint Howard. David L Tamarin, General Counselor of Harbinger, attended the shoot and expressed his concern that the material might be too strong for mass consumption. “The film is about evil that is absolutely real. There are no zombies, and the only monster is of the human variety. The film takes you to a very dark place. Viewers need to prepare themselves for this one.”

Uwe Boll’s film is about the corruption of a family in a world where things are not always what they appear to be. A world where monsters parade as family men and home is another word for hell. In an ideal suburban home which could best be described as boring and ordinary a horrible secret exists deep in the basement. Clint Howard and Caroline Williams play a married couple with an ordinary life- except for the fact that they keep their starving and abused daughter in a locked basement room that she has not left in years. In this perverse nightmare scenario that is unfortunately based on fact, all the young daughter (Tara Cardinal) wants to do is go outside and into the sun. Instead she must endure daily cruelties. This is a tale of sexual depravity and psychological torture, and a subversive look at the depraved realities of suburban life. Uwe Boll, director of films such as Stoic, Rampage, Seed, Postal, Attack on Darfur, and more, has once again turned his eye on the nature of evil and corruption.

Other directors for The Profane Exhibit include Richard Stanley, Marian Dora, Yoshihiro Nishimura, Sergio Stivaletti, Ryan Nicholson, Michael Todd Schneider and Andrey Iskanov. Many more to still be announced.

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