Time for some Cannibal action, but let’s keep it in the family! Check out the trailer for ‘Elfie Hopkins’

Father and daughter keep it in the family here as the magnificent Ray Winstone and daughter Jaime star in director Ryan Andrews’ Elfie Hopkins. The cannibal horror comedy also features Steven Mackintosh, Anuerin Barnard, Kimberley Nixon and Kate Magowan.

I must say this new trailer is mighty impressive, and while I am still in two minds over how good this will actually be, there is no denying that Ray Winstone brings a quality to any film that makes it unmissable. The film does look like a lot of fun though.

Elfie Hopkins is due to hit UK cinemas 20th April.


Set in a sleepy hunting village, Elfie Hopkins is the story of a 22-year-old slacker and “wanna-be” detective. Elfie is a stoner and an animal lover in a village populated with hunters. Haunted by the death of her mother and surrounded by her broken father and alcoholic step-mother, Elfie seeks solace and inspiration from the old school detectives in The Maltese Falcon and Chinatown. She entertains herself, along with her geeky best friend, Dylan, by investigating the villagers and upsetting everyone with their imaginative allegations. Elfie’s mundane existence is thrown for a spin with the arrival of a family of trendy city dwellers, the Gammons.

The Gammons weave tales of adventure and entice the villagers with offers of exotic hunting holidays around the world. It’s not long before the villagers are flying off to the four corners of the world. Elfie, despite her best efforts, is not immune to the Gammons’ charms but soon smells a rat. Elfie and Dylan snap into detective mode and investigate the Gammons’ life. Blood soon starts to spill in the village, and it’s no longer just the blood of animals. Elfie discovers the villagers are not making those flights, and when she finally uncovers the truth, it’s darker then she could have ever imagined. The Gammons are a family of cannibals!

By Matt Wavish

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