TOUCH: Episode 2 Review

Lets be honest, If Kiefer Sutherland done a show with him taking a shit I would watch.

I am going to take a big gulp here and get ready for the criticism because two episodes in of this new TV show and I am just not getting it. Now I do not mean in a confused way because lets be honest the concept is a sort of Quantum Leap meets Countdown, what I mean is that the entire show is leaving me cold. Its too nice and warm, a kind of show that you would sit down with your Gran to watch on a late Sunday afternoon, yes it looks lovely and the acting is top notch, but in many ways TOUCH is a show that HCF should not be reviewing, because there is not one ounce of darkness shining through it!

The voiceover at the start where we hear the mute boy talk has been changed since the pilot. We now get the added dialogue from Jake that his father now believes in him and can hear him through the voice of numbers. All well and good but what was totally annoying is how social worker Clea took a back step in admitting that Jake was something special. This is the norm when it comes to TV shows of this nature but it was cliche that it drove me insane. I thought after last week’s events that Clea was on board, I mean how much prove does she need in what is going on around her, but it seems that the writers are determined to give the show an edge in which Martin could lose his son at any time. The trouble is we know it won’t happen…..unless its a season finale cliff hanger… why bore us with this wooden plot!
What worked so well in the first episode made the second seem old hat already. I did say last week that it would be interesting to see how the plot develops but sadly it seems we heading for the same thing every week. A multiple of stories connect in a way and Martin thanks to be given the heads up by his son is there to save the day and change someone’s life for the better. So Martin goes from life to life…changing right to what once went wrong and hoping that each leap, will be his leap home………Ok that bit is a bit made up but the formula is not that different to what Dr Sam Beckett achieved in the 90’s when he leaped around with Al.
I am keeping this review brief because the only reason I am watching this show is because of Kiefer who carries the entire show from start to finish, but while I love the guy and his work, unless TOUCH becomes something more in the next few weeks then these reviews will come to a halt because despite the best intentions of all involved, the show already is beginning to bore me and for that, its a shame. I mean here the episode just copied what went on in the first film. Jake went missing again……Martin went running for quick chat with Danny Glover and then all of sudden everything came together in such a nice happy way.
If anyone is wondering why I have not mentioned the plot, well I will try but it was so stupid and far fetched that it just made me shake my head and look around to see if no one is taking the piss.
Martin loses a dog that a stewardess is supposed to make sure gets on a plane for some apparent reason, the then said stewardess runs into an Indian boy who is carrying his father’s ashes and spills some. Feeling guilty she she decides to help the boy and in between all this a criminal owes money to the Russian mafia and blah blah blah….all of a sudden by the end the episode everyone is in love and the stewardess is reunited with the dog that went missing……and oh to keep up with the 24 gag….I am sure that was Mike Novak who was all set to jump off the bridge.
You can see why this is very popular in America….its all sugar coated to a nice effect and not at all offensive, but I am sorry to jump on the parade but if I wanted nice then I watch something like Early Edition or many other early 90’s shows that were like this.
At the moment despite a promising pilot, Touch is not “touching” me at all!
Ross Hughes
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