TV: ‘American Horror Story Season 2’, more returning cast members set to take on brand new roles

After the announcement earlier this week that Jessica Lange’s return to American Horror Story will see her take on a brand new role, opposite to what she played in the first season, a few more names have been added.

First up was Zachary Quinto, who played the Harmon House’s doomed co-owner Chad Warwick. Quinto, friends with series creator Ryan Murphy, will play a more prominent role in season 2, and will be one of a duo who are the nemesis of Jessica Lange’s character. As with Lange, Quinto will also be taking on a brand new role, and not reprising his character from season one.

In an online interview last month, Quinto expressed his love of appearing on the show,“I had an amazing time and I only did four episodes of the season, so it was just a little bit of an appetizer for me; I would love to work more”. His return had been kept a secret until now.

Also returning for the second season will be Evan Peters, who played the troubled mass murderer Tate Langdon, again he will be playing a totally new role. Two more names have also been announced, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe. Paulson played a smaller role in the first season, that of the medium Billie Dean, and Rabe played Nora Montgomery, one of the original owners of the house.

Season Two is expected to return to FX in October, and the new season will also move to a new location. A “horror institution” on the East Coast will be the setting for the highly anticipated new season.

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By Matt Wavish

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