TV: David Cronenberg and Sam Raimi team up for ‘Knifeman’

Masters of horror, David Cronenberg and Sam Raimi are teaming up for a new TV series called ‘Knifeman’. Details are a bit hazy as to when the show is expected to air, but we do have some details on the plot, and it sounds very intriguing and perfect for the two directors to be involved with. Cronenberg especially should create something wonderful with this.

Per Deadline, “that director David Cronenberg will direct the pilot and serve as Executive Producer on its latest television series “Knifeman”. Cronenberg has directed such movies as ‘Eastern Promises’ and ‘The Fly’.

Further information was also revealed about the show itself whichis written by Emmy nominated writer and producer Rolin Jones (Friday Night Lights) with the story by Rolin Jones and Ron Fitzgerald (Friday Night Lights). Based on the novel by Wendy Moore. “Knifeman” follows the trials and triumphs of a radical, self-educated surgeon delivering a visceral and psychological portrait of the extraordinary and unorthodox lengths he will go to uncover the secrets of the human body. Executive Producers [are] David Cronenberg, Rolin Jones, Ron Fitzgerald and Sam Raimi, Josh Donen and Robert Zotnowski.

No other details are available, but this is certainly one show we here at HCF will be keeping an eye on!

(Source: Deadline)

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