About an hour ago I gave you the bad news that 24 the movie has been delayed and might not see the light of day until 2013.

Well it seems Deadline have covered some latest news on this development and while we were told that it was because of Kiefer Sutherland’s work clash with his new TV show Touch, we are now being told thanks to the guys on their website that there could be more to this story.

It seems that Sutherland is very and I mean very unhappy with what is happening to his most prized asset of Jack Bauer, not only with the delay of the film but also, and now we are coming to the core of the problems, but what he was offered to star in the film.  Its being said that Sutherland was only offered $1 million to return as Jack Bauer in a deal that was heavily back-loaded to reward success. Insiders are saying that the main actor would have at least got $2 million for the deal but its way below his original  $5 million ask.

Fox also wanted a budget of around $30 million, while the filmmakers wanted $45 million to $60 million and it was this indifference that made the problems surface this week and there have been behind the scenes kind of a mini battle.

The studio felt that there wasn’t enough time to pull the picture off in seven weeks of prep and so the deal was plugged.

At the moment Sutherland and the makers have not responded to what is happening tonight it was is a stunning story developing but you be sure to know that you can expect more of this in the next few days.

SOURCE: Deadline

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