“We’re the same temperature now”: Oh please! The teaser trailer for the trailer of ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2’ painfully arrives

The only thing that is getting me excited at the prospect of Twilight: Breaking Yawn part 2 is the fact is will be the last one, and we can all breath a huge great sigh of relief. Boyfriends and husbands the world over will be saying “thank fuck for that” as they come to realise their partners will not be able to force them to the cinema to watch another film of this drivel!

However, there is something which is very satisfying in this teaser trailer: “are you mad?” I hear you say. No I am not mad, so please let me explain. If you are having a bad day, or for whatever reason you need cheering up, then watch this short 15 second teaser. Trust me, it is supposed to be all emotional and epic, I guess, but for me it is one of the funniest things I have seen in ages! Honestly, I just laughed out loud. I was half expecting Frank Drebin from Naked Gun to suddenly appear and do something. Is Twilight supposed to be a comedy? Or is it that pretentious that it is now just laughable? I mean, Bella whats her name running through the woods like a maniac looks ridiculous, that wolf man and the look on his face as he mumbles his line “I didn’t expect you to seem so, human”

And then comes the clincher, quite possibly the funniest thing I have heard all year as that Vampire who’s face reminds me of a square says “we’re the same temperature now” Oh Lord give me strength, is this supposed to be a teaser to get fans excited? No doubt it probably will, and thousands upon thousands of fans will go weak at the knees watching this brief trailer, but as you might have guessed this is not for me, and this is not how you do a teaser trailer.

Watch the Prometheus teaser trailer for the main trailer, now THAT is how its done!

For those that care, Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2 opens in UK cinemas on 16th November.

By Matt Wavish

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