A sequel to Grave Encounters is on its way, are you brave enough to enter that creepy hospital again? (UPDATE: Director named & artwork revealed!!)

The Vicious Brothers insane found footage horror, Grave Encounters, finally made its way to DVD here in the UK last Monday, and the film now has the chance to scare horror fans here in the UK. Responses to the film have been pretty positive so far, with Amazon having a 4 out of 5 score for the film. Since it would appear fans are eager for more, a sequel is now in the works.

Details are pretty slim right now, but the announcement was made at Cannes this week that a sequel was already in production! The Vicious Brothers are behind the sequel, and Darclight Films will be producing the film.

After the events of the first film, there really is no other direction to go but even more full on than last time, which should hopefully lead to a very scary film. I really enjoyed Grave Encounters, and while it did fall apart come the end, I am really excited at the prospect of a sequel.

You can read my review here, and you can read Ross’ alternative review here.

The sequel already has a synopsis, check it out below:


This terrifying new sequel follows a group of film students who break into the hospital from the first film to do their own paranormal investigation and quickly realize that GRAVE ENCOUNTERS was not just a movie… it was real.

(UPDATE: Some news has come in today on this sequel: the director has been named as John Poliquin , while The Vicious Brothers aren’t directing this sequel, they will be on writing duties! Along with the director being named comes some very impressive artwork for the film, and according to the artwork the film is arriving Halloween this year, check it out below!!)

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