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FILM: Adam Chaplin
CAST: Emanuele De Santi Alessandro Gramanti Paolo Luciani Christian Riva Valeria Sannino
DIRECTED BY: Emanuele De Santi
RUNNING TIME: 84 Minutes



The Hughes Verdict!

Never heard of Adam Chaplin?
Adam Chaplin” is a film debut by an all new film company called “Necrostorm”. Never heard of them? Well neither have I until I sat down and rented this little beauty that will no doubt be high on my best horror flms of 2012, but the name is now stuck in my memory because let me tell you all something, if you looking for one of the most craziest and downright bonkers horror films for many of years, then Adam Chaplin” is for you….forget anything else, get on Lovefilm, order off Amazonbecause this is bad ass, a downright fucked up film that will appeal to all those in love for all things splatter and the reason why I am swearing writing this review is because I am still on a high from watching the film.

The film plays like a down right insane version of The Crow crossed with a Grindhouse feature, yes its vile and brutal but damn HCF Readers I loved every single moment of this film, yes I am singing the praises again when I should be telling you what the film is about but you know what? I don’t care, this is brilliant, a total stunning surprise that hit my horror heart and made it melt with appreciation. Why are you still reading this review? Log off and go….go on…..go….sod everything else…..hopefully you won’t regret it.

I would end my review there and then but Bat has just give me the daggers and has told me to get my arse into gear and tell the readers what it is actually about, so here goes.
Adam, is distraught after the death of his wife who was burnt to death under suspicious circumstances. Unhappy with nothing being done and full of anger, Adam begins to investigate and discovers a link that involves local mafia boss: Denny Richards which makes him question the police investigating her death because its well known that many of them are corrupted and controlled by Danny. Adam summons a demon who will give him superhuman strength and dark powers and will follow him during his trip of revenge, also promising to lead Adam to the murderer if he does everything he asks. This act unleashes a bloody war that will bring Adam, deployed with the demon on his side; and the police corp with all its dark allies, on the other. Denny infact, supported by his two sadistic sons Ben and Derek, will also enrol an hired killer.
The fight can start… and it will be extreme!
You can see from that brief plot filler from me that this is not an average by the book horror film. This is splatter of the highest order, a film that is covered so much in red that I really can not remember a film so much swamped in the red stuff. But I shit you not, this is glorious and its all helped by a certain thing called H.A.B.S. What is that I hear you cry? Well it stands for Hyperrealistic Anime Blood Symulation and let me copy and paste from the film’s official website…..
The Habs is an innovative FX technique that allows to join together realism and dynamic action similar to a japanese anime cartoon . Thanks to HABS, it’s possible to spread out a huge amount of blood avoiding the vaporization of Fake Blood that normally occurs using the traditional techniques. In the classic splatter movies , the blood is spread out using a compressor and different kind of tubes.
The high pressure necessary to make huge amount of fake blood spread out, creates the typical “watering can” effect and generates a “Purple cloud” around the prosthesis, because the blood colour is altered (from red it change into pink). With HABS very bloody scenes with an high level of realism can be made, and it’s possible to recreate in a splatter movie, the extreme actions that you can normally admire only in anime cartoons.”
Why am I telling you this? Well its because the film is so fucked up that you need to understand just how bloody this is and how so much work and love has gone into the making of this film. I am not trying to bore you with details but I do realise that you will only appreciate what I am telling you until after you have seen the film.

This is like Manga but done for real….a modern cult masterpiece that needs to be seen to believed! Director Emanuele De Santi has done something really special though, somehow mixing a bloodbath with also a decent dark story that will make you smile. For instance take a look at Bad Guy Denny, what a messed up evil bastard. Wearing a black mask to cover his face due to his dog biting it off when he was kid…an animal that was injected by some chemical shit to go ape crazy,I mean this is insane beyond belief. And what about the scene where a human body is burnt alive and then used as a baseball bat and yes—you did read that right!

The only way I could sell this to you is if I said this was a sort of like a Hobo With A Shotgun, but with a dash of horror, but then that does not seem right because this surpasses everything that Rutger Hauer offered in last year’s tasty flick.

Make no mistake readers this is a film that’s come out from nowhere and already gaining massive praise and acclaim. The makers wanted to make a film that honoured those 80’s classics of action and horror films and for those who love their comic’s with a dark heroes. By paying homage to those qualities they have done the unexpected and paved a new new cult classic for all fans to fall in love with. Its bloody, messy, vile, sick, downright disgusting, but simply a stunning achievement…….

Not heard of Adam Chaplin?  Well you have now!

                                                                                              Rating: ★★★★½

Ross Hughes
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