Danielle Harris returning for ‘Hatchet 3’?

While Adam Green’s Hatchet 2 was a bit of a disaster, I am hoping that the director will redeem himself with the third film in the franchise. Green will be handing director duties over to his longtime camera operator, BJ McDonnell. Green, who created the Hatchet franchise, will write and produce the third film, which will see Victor Crowley back to cause more mayhem.

Up until now it was not known if star of the Hatchet 2, Danielle Harris, would return. However, while speaking with OBX Entertainment, Harris had this to say: “I’m excited to be starting Hatchet III next. It’s going to be great.”  So there you have it, I believe that is confirmation that she will be in the third film? With her new film, Among Friends currently in post-production, and Hatchet 3 expected to begin production very soon, the timing is just right.


The movie will continue the story of fearsome villain Victor Crowley, the iconic killer who first made his gruesome mark in 2007’s groundbreaking Hatchet. Green’s Hatchet II made headlines as the first unrated independent horror film to be exhibited by a major chain (AMC Theatres) in more than 25 years when it opened last fall and went on to become a best selling DVD and On-Demand title.  HATCHET 3 will continue where Hatchet 2 left off, as a young woman sought revenge on the malevolent monster that killed her family while they were fishing in Louisiana swamp country.

By Matt Wavish

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